Stainless steel beer filter

Short Description:

Brand: Weikai

Product size: Outer diameter: 71mm Inner diameter: 69mm Height: 149mm

Mesh: 50 mesh

Product material: 304 stainless steel

Product shape: cylindrical, conical

Product use: used for self-brewed beer, red wine filtration, hop dry thrower

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product description

304 food-grade stainless steel, carefully selected materials. 304 food-grade stainless steel, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, high temperature resistance, high strength, export-grade quality, more assured to use. The surface of the mesh is smooth, the mesh is fine and uniform, effectively filtering the residue and impurities, and brewing beer with a fine taste. The link is firm, the joint is welded firmly, not easy to crack, recyclable, environmentally friendly and healthy, and has a long service life. Variety of specifications, conventional sizes are available in stock, and other special specifications can be customized according to drawings and samples.
Product Usage:
Beer filter cartridges, filter cartridges are mainly suitable for beer, beverages, and red wine brewing process to filter wine. Beer filter cartridges include single-hook beer filter cartridges, double-hook beer filter cartridges, stainless steel hanging filter cartridges, and basket-type beer filter cartridges. The factory produces stainless steel filter cartridges for wine brewing, and beer filter cartridges are hygienic, safe, and easy to use. The taste of drinks after filtering the grain residues used for brewing is produced. The factory produces beer filter cartridges and has accumulated rich production experience in long-term production. Experience, the beer filter cartridge is made of 304 stainless steel mesh, which has good filtration performance and is easy to clean.

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The role of beer filter

1. Remove turbid substances, such as protein, protein-tannin complex, polyphenols, B-glucan and some pasty substances:
2. Remove some microorganisms, such as yeast, wild yeast, bacteria, etc.
3. Isolation of oxygen;
4. Eliminate the influence of iron ions, calcium ions and aluminum ions:
5. Reduce the impact of mechanical effects on beer (easy to lead to the formation of jelly);
6. Meet the requirements of product purity, such as no residual cleaning agents and sterilizing agents, etc.
7. Ensure that the original wort concentration of the product is qualified;
8. Maintain the foam performance and bitterness value of beer:
9. Improve the sensory quality of beer and enhance the clarity

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