Irrigation Water Filter

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Filtration accuracy:30 mesh or as your requirements.

Material:Stainless steel 304 woven mesh,Molded plastic housing supports.

Color and Size:


Size: 10 x 7 x ID 5.8 cm,14.6 x 7 x ID 5.8 cm,22.3 x 7 x ID 53.8 cm,etc.

Working pressure: approx 10 kgs.

Support customization.


Easy to clean and replace.

Corrosion resistance,no rust.

Not easy to deform,long service life.

Wear resistance, aging resistance.

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Working principle

Under the action of pressure, the water flows from the direction of the high-pressure net to the low-pressure direction. When passing through the mesh core of the latitude and longitude toes in the cavity, the impurities contained in the water body that are larger than the mesh size are intercepted on the water inlet side of the mesh core, so as to achieve separation of water and The purpose of impurities.

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Name Irrigation Water Filter
Weave Style Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave,perforated metal,expended metal, sintered mesh,etched mesh
Shape Cylinder,conical filter tube,basket filter cartridges,multi-layer mesh filter cartridges,bucket type or container type
Color Customized
 Feature Corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, pressure resistance, good wear resistance, long use period.Usage widelyused in laboratory, chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuff, water treatment electric,power, pharmaceutics, machinery, metallurgy, ceramics, dispose of sewage, foodstuff and beverage, cosmetic etc.
Applications Widely used in Agricultural farm,backyard,greenhouse irrigation,municipal greening,Industrial water supply fields.

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