Reusable Coffee Dripper Basket

Short Description:

Product Name: Reusable Coffee Drip Basket

Product Title: Reusable 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

Product color: silver, rose gold

Product size: outer diameter 123mm, overall height 82mm

Mesh: 800 mesh

Product material: food grade stainless steel

Scope of application: It is suitable for coffee shops, beverage shops, and home extraction of hand-ground coffee.

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product description

The whole body is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the materials are exquisite. The 800-mesh filter mesh and the filter hole are double-layered, no need to use filter paper, and the filter is finer. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to clean. Encrypted deep V design, more uniform and faster filtration.

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No need for filter paper (filtering with double-layer filter paper, saving filter paper) 2. Double-layer precision filtration (precision double-layer stainless steel filter mesh) 3. Mini exquisite appearance (exquisite and small in shape and easy to carry) 4. Multifunctional and practical (can be placed in a variety of container) 5. Simple and convenient operation (you can use it with a single tap) 6. Easy to clean (clean with clean water)

product details

1. Bottom filter hole, the encrypted V-shaped bottom is closed, and the coffee flows out from the bottom, which can isolate more filter residues.
2. Handle design, handle design, rounded edges, not hurting hands, easy to take.
3. Fine round hole mesh, stainless steel filter hood, the combination of inner and outer layers, the filter is cleaner.
4. Encrypted fine mesh, double-layer filter, and the inner layer uses fine sand filter to effectively filter coffee grounds.


1. Pour an appropriate amount of heavily ground coffee powder into the stainless steel coffee filter.
2. Slowly inject steamed coffee powder with fine water in a circle from the center to the outside.
3. Remove the filter and pour the filtered coffee into the cup to enjoy.
4. After use, rinse slowly with water and dry it for next use.

Name Reusable Coffee Dripper Basket
Color Silver
Port Xingang Tianjin
Application Stainless steel reusable coffee filter basket suitable for multiple pots and coffee cups,it allows for all of the essential oils to pass through,but prevent grounds from entering your cups.

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