High pressure Fog Spray Nozzle Filter

Short Description:

Mist nozzle nozzle:

1.Wear-resistant and wear corrosion material.

2. Accurate orifice diameter and flow rate.

3Higher working pressure and larger flow rate than other mist nozzle.

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product description

1. Thread Size: 3/16, 10/24, 12/24, 10/32, 6mm, 8mm.
2. SS orifice Size: 0.1mm ,0.2mm,0.3mm ,0.4mm ,0.5mm and larger.
Ceramic Orifice size: 0.08mm ,0.1mm,0.2mm,0.3mm ,0.4mm ,0.5mm and larger.
3. Water Drop Size: 15 micron-70 micron.
4. With Anti-drop Device inside Nozzle.
5. High working pressure: up to 1300psi (80bar).
6. Without airs supplementary, system device is simple.
7.Misting nozzle could produce fine mist under different pressure.
8.It is energy and water saving, low cost products because of non-blocking and anti-drop ping.
9. Nozzle tip uses wear-resistant materials, and service life is 2.5 times of similar nozzle.

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Low Pressure And High Pressure For Your Choices Best

*Best choice for disinfection
*Super fine mist
*Easy installation without air supply
*Easy-clean design
*Filter inside optional

Design features

1.Mist nozzle low pressure fog system use swear-resistant materials so that its service life is 2.5 times of similar nozzle.
2.Misting nozzle could produce fine mist under different pressure.
3.It is energy and water saving, low cost products because of non-blocking and anti-drop ping.


1. 【 Quality Material 】The garden spray nozzle & water hoses quick connectors are made of solid brass, with waterproof rubber ring, effectively prevent water leakage and anti-rust, compared with plastic nozzles, our pressure nozzle has a longer life and durable.
2. 【 Full Functioning 】The adjustable hose pipe nozzle spray gun only needs to twist the middle part of its body to allow you to easily control the amount of water. The hose nozzle has strong water pressure, it can spray water or foam, and the sprayer can direct, diffuse and shower mode.
3. 【 Easy Installation 】The nozzles spray and hose connector are very easy to connect, the nozzle is inserted into the hose, One end of the quick connector is connected to the hose and the other end is connected to the faucet, and then just screw tightly. Easy to assemble no need tools.
4. 【 Wide Application 】You can enjoy these adjustable garden hose nozzles spray work perfectly with any standard garden hose connector. This water spray gun is great for sidewalks, car washing, pets bathing, floor washing, glass washing and watering lawn garden.

Product name High pressure Fog Spray Nozzle Filter


Flow rate 0.01-0.62 L/h
Material Brass with nickle plated body,stainless steel orifice
Thread size 3/16", 10/24", 12/24"
Orifice diameter 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 mm
Droplet size Around 20 microns
Working pressure 3-70 bar
Application Coating,Cleaning,pretreatment,washing,degreasing,phosphating,desulfurization,lubricating,cooling ,humidifying,dust suppression,fire fighting, etc and electronics, motor vehicles, food, steel, chemistry, environmental protection

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