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stainless steel wave filter element

Main components: folded stainless steel woven mesh or metal fiber sintered felt, metal end caps and connecting parts, etc.
Main material: stainless steel 304 304L 316 316
Production process: The sealing surfaces of wave page filter elements are joined by argon arc welding process, and the filter layer adopts multi-fold folding process, which has a large filtering area, no leakage, and no medium shedding.
1. High porosity, good air permeability, low resistance and low differential pressure
2. Large filtration area and large dirt holding capacity
3. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration
4. Recyclable, can be used repeatedly after chemical cleaning, high temperature and ultrasonic cleaning
Technical Parameters
1. Working temperature: ≤500°C
2. Filtration accuracy: 1-200μm
3. Working pressure difference: 0.1-30MPa
4. Interface form: 222, 226, 215, M36, M28, M22, M20 threaded interface, etc.

NEWS (6)

It has various porosity, pore size and filtration precision, criss-cross channels, high temperature resistance, rapid cooling and rapid heating resistance. Anti-corrosion. It is suitable for a variety of corrosive media such as acids and alkalis. The stainless steel filter element can resist general acid-base and organic corrosion, especially suitable for filtering sulfur-containing gases. It has high strength and good toughness. It is suitable for high-pressure environments. It can be welded. Easy to load and unload. Stable pore shape and uniform distribution ensure stable filtration performance. Good regeneration performance. After repeated cleaning and regeneration, the filtration performance recovers more than 90%

Main Features
1. It has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance; it can be washed repeatedly and has a long service life.
2. The pores of the stainless steel filter element are even and accurate;
3. The flow per unit area of the stainless steel filter element is large;
4. The stainless steel filter element is suitable for low temperature and high temperature environments;
5. It can be reused after cleaning without replacement.

Post time: Feb-21-2023