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County magistrate Zhao Dongzhao introduced the business environment of Anping County

County magistrate Zhao Dongzhao introduced the business environment of Anping County. He pointed out that Anping has a unique geographical location and transportation, and has become a strategic location with Xiong'an and the layout of Beijing and Tianjin; the advantages of the wire mesh industry are outstanding, the ecological environment is livable and suitable for business, and the history and humanities complement each other. In accordance with the requirements of "breaking a new road with four elements", Anping vigorously implements cluster development, park-based bearing, large-scale project promotion, and large-scale enterprise leadership, and has created three major supports: high-tech zones, industrial agglomeration, and agricultural industrialization with the strength of the whole county.

The platform has created a new path for the high-quality development of county-level industries. We do our best to build Anping into an open highland, policy depression, and the first choice for investment and entrepreneurship. First-class policy support is comprehensive, the "golden business environment" has become a common practice, and meticulous service guarantees the spring breeze. We sincerely hope that all entrepreneurs will take root in Anping and enjoy high-quality services. Environment, safe investment, comfortable business, safe development.

To choose Anping is to choose success, and to hold hands with Anping is to hold hands with the future. We sincerely welcome all friends to come to Anping for inspection, guidance, investment and business development. We are willing to join hands with you to forge ahead in the new era and create new achievements together! Anping County Weikai Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. held a working meeting at the meeting. More than 30 people from the company's general manager, deputy general manager, project leaders and company functional departments attended the meeting. The manager analyzed at the meeting The current status and prospects of the filter industry, as well as our operating conditions and development trends, proposed company transformation and company model system adjustments, and implementation plans for company system reforms.

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Post time: Feb-21-2023