Stainless steel sintered sheet

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Product name: Stainless steel sintered sheet

Product title: 304 stainless steel sintered mesh multi-layer sintered mesh

Product shape: round, square

Product features: stainless steel material, reusable, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance

Scope of application: petroleum, chemical industry, construction, textile, medicine, aerospace, railway, highway, garden protection, aquatic products, breeding, metallurgy, coal, decoration, agriculture, forestry, machinery and other fields

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Material:Food grade SS 304 316, copper,etc
Shape:Round shape, rectangular shape toroidal shape, square shape, oval shape other special shape
Layer:Single layer, multi-layers

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What is sintered mesh?

The sintered wire mesh is made by stacking multiple single-layer stainless steel wire braided meshes of the same type or different ones, after sintering, pressing, rolling and other processes, it is made by diffusion and solid solution after vacuum firing to 1100°C. New filter material with high mechanical strength and overall rigidity. The wire mesh of each layer has the disadvantages of low strength, poor rigidity, and unstable mesh shape, and can reasonably match and design the void size, permeability and strength characteristics of the material, so that it has excellent filtration accuracy and filtration impedance. , Mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and processability, the overall performance is obviously better than other types of filter materials such as sintered metal powder, ceramics, fiber, filter cloth, etc.
Sintered wire mesh is classified according to different levels and wire mesh structures, mainly including five-layer sintered wire mesh, multi-layer metal sintered wire mesh, punched plate sintered wire mesh, square hole sintered wire mesh and mat type sintered wire mesh.

Characteristics of sintered mesh

1. High strength and good rigidity: It has high mechanical strength and compressive strength, good processing, welding and assembly performance, and easy to use.
2. Uniform and stable precision: Uniform and consistent filtration performance can be achieved for all filtration precisions, and the mesh does not change during use.
3. Wide use environment: It can be used in the temperature environment of -200 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ and the filtration of acid and alkali environment.
4. Excellent cleaning performance: good countercurrent cleaning effect, can be used repeatedly, and has a long service life (can be cleaned by countercurrent water, filtrate, ultrasonic, melting, baking, etc.).

There are three stages in the sintering production process

1. Low temperature pre-burning stage. At this stage, the recovery of metal, volatilization of adsorbed gas and moisture, decomposition and removal of forming agent in the compact mainly occur;
2. Medium temperature heating sintering stage. At this stage, recrystallization begins to occur. In the particles, the deformed grains are restored and reorganized into new grains. At the same time, the oxides on the surface are reduced, and the particle interface forms a sintered neck;
3. High temperature heat preservation completes the sintering stage. Diffusion and flow in this stage are fully carried out and close to completion, forming a large number of closed pores, and continue to shrink, so that the pore size and total number of pores are reduced, and the density of the sintered body is significantly increased.

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